RTTP: The Basics

Intoduced as a framework for curriculum by Mark C. Carnes, Professor of History at Barnard College, RTTP games are based on moments of historical crises. Students are assigned character roles, and they must work collaboratively with their peers to solve the problem at hand. Students act in their character's interest and handle the philosophical and intellectual beliefs of their historical figure.

RTTP: The Portal

The RTTPortal website was created by a research team at Luther College to help build communities between Reacting students in and out of the classroom.

Instructors create classrooms and invite their students to join. Students can then post bulletins and announcements, as well as send private messages, to help achieve one of the main goals of Reacting games: active participation.

With RTTPortal, students can negotiate, discuss, and plot their next moves with each other, while keeping instructors in the loop on developments.

RTTP: The Games

Since the 1990s, RTTP games have been created for hundreds of historial events. A list of these games are available from Barnard's website.

These games can be made by professors or research teams at any institution, and sharing insight or game curriculum is encouraged by the Reacting Consortium.